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I Call Them Girly Men

by The Guillotine Fags

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Arnold 01:39
Get to the chopper I'm a cop you idiot You're one ugly motherfucker Does my body disgust you Try these pigs in blankets I call them girly men I came to America for vacation, I stay cuz they made me governor You've been terminated
How does it feel Same as the last time I’m gonna kill Your fucking cat Boom boom boom Fat fucking asshole This isn’t fucking Jurassic Park Why the fuck are you always fighting It’s 7 in the morning shut the fuck up This isn’t fucking Jurassic Park
Who wears short shorts We wear short shorts
Trampolines and guitars will never fucking mix You couldn’t fucking spell so you named your band Phish 80 fucking CDs and none are worth a shit I’d almost go play frisbee golf if it’d make em fucking quit 20 years is 20 too much because your band fucking sucks Drive your fucking hippie van off a fucking cliff When I heard that Phish was dead it made me fucking stiff
My hair is black and in my eyes But you see through my girl disguise I cried when I saw Taking Back Sunday These pants and hair would make Mr T look gay Cheer up and get a haircut you fucking emo pussy
Weenie Wench 00:20
Don’t bump into me again you slut
What the fuck is up with that guy’s hair Donald Trump’s hair
Passed out in a frat boy's bed Drank 40 beers and now you're dead
Pissed off cholo 14 year old girlfriend Meth pipe burning
It burns In my crotch Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis Herpes The HIV Get your AIDs out of here My crotch burns forever, burns for Chapin 5
Geraldo 00:36
Start a child porn satanic panic Geraldo got kicked out of Iraq Geraldo got blown, blown by Francis And got his ass assaulted by fascists Geraldo’s mustache is gay and his haircut sucks
Wigger King 00:27
Walkin down the street tryna get with some hoes I got icy blingin chains and too much cologne I got a 45 What the fuck is this guy thinking He’s a fucking wigger king
The Fiend 00:17
Oh I thought you loved me it’s my birthday gimme some weed Quit sucking dick for weed you stupid whore I’ll suck your dick for a bowl


from country Germany coming best band The Guillotine Fags. Making too much music

nutz schweizen is play of drumming
kline penis am too much singing
and play of guitar is jack offen. ok with you?


released April 20, 2004

make album 2004 remake album 2018. new art matt lawrence guy of america. before art is waldo.


all rights reserved



The Guillotine Fags BW, Germany

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